Field Data Collection for Distributed Teams

Field Squared is ideal for large teams who have to manage, collect and share large amounts of data in the field.

  • Smart Documents replace your existing paper and Excel based processes
  • Instantly share data with your team, the back office and customers
  • Capture data against work orders, assets and customer accounts
  • Improves quality and avoids data re-entry
  • Design your own forms in App Builder, or have us design them for you
  • Sync any documents you capture with back-end systems

Sample apps created with Field Squared

Sample Apps Created in App Builder

The Field Squared App Builder creates complex field data capture processes that can replace spreadsheets and custom mobile development.

  • Drag & drop setup
  • Change your forms at any time with no coding required
  • Huge library of advanced controls
  • No database or app upgrades – ever
  • Most controls support auto-fill and rapid data capture
  • Data rules and validation scripts to improve data quality
  • Custom keypads designed for rapid data entry
  • Pull lookup values and catalogues from 3rd-party systems

Build Any Smart Document

Any complex data capture process you need for the field can be automated in Field Squared

Smart Text Photo Markup Photo Collections
Site sketching Text areas Advanced Lists
Lookups Details tables Surveys
Checklists Pricing lists Spreadsheets
Videos PDF’s GPS location
Signatures Barcodes and QR Dates and Times
Flow Layout Attachments Check in/out
Sliders Segments Time zones
Masks Initials Graphs
And more…


See our huge library of controls for creating smart forms.

Here’s some examples of forms our customers have automated using Field Squared

Substation Inspections Notifications Work Orders
Pre-Installation Audits Inspection Reports Roofing Contracts
Pole Audits Production Sheets Repair Work Orders
Customer turn offs Truck logs Pricing Quotes
Gas Deliveries Invoices
And more…    

See how App Builder can create the exact mobile smart documents your field crews need.

More Data Capture Form Samples from Field Squared

Long form substation inspection

Building Site Audit