Field Squared uses the GPS data collected from devices along with your job, team and customer data to automate reports for your business.

Built In Time Cost Accounting

Out of the box you get reports for:

  • Windshield Time
  • Trips made to Suppliers
  • Time On Site
  • Average Job Time
  • On Time Arrival Reports
  • Time Sheets

The system tracks GPS location data of staff in relation to job sites, work orders and assets at all times, so nearly any report to do with time reporting can be created.

Real-time Updates of Job Times

  • Time tracking data is collected automatically using the GPS built into the device.
  • Job Status for Work Orders is also tracked manually with a single button.
  • Time on site at an asset or at a job site for a work order is automatically tracked.
  • Create Smart Documents like timesheets with check-in/check-out capabilities.
  • Crews don’t need to do anything on the device to track key time-based job metrics.
  • Big-data style analytics can be performed on your field location data for up to a year.

Auto Check-In and Check-Out of Jobs

With Field Squared since we know where your team is and where your jobs are, we can automatically check you into job as soon as you arrive on the job site.

Other platforms require your staff to call an IVR number, send a text or manually check into jobs to let you and your customers know they’re on site.  We already know you’re there.