Let the Customer Know You’re on the Way

Customer Management

  • Accurately notify the customer of a technicians arrival time
  • We use the current location of the tech, current traffic conditions and the customer’s service address to estimate arrivals based on the best route at the time
  • Customers can better plan their days

Improved Customer Experiences

  • Technicians have all the previous paperwork for every customer at their fingertips
  • On-site arrival and departure times for all techs are automatically recorded by the system
  • Create work orders for customers in the field
  • Track customer work orders to completion
  • Track multiple service addresses for customers
  • See customer details on a map
  • Access materials lists and complex parts data from the job site without having to go back to the trucks

Drive Up First Visit Resolutions

  • Reduce callbacks by taking up to the minute job details to the field
  • Technicians know the right tools and skills for each job
  • Time-to-resolve on callbacks are reduced since all techs have full visibility into previous activity at the customer site
  • Dispatchers no longer need to hunt down missing paperwork for return visits

Speed Up Job Close Out

With Field Squared:

  • Jobs are closed out faster
  • Customers get job documents emailed to them from the job site
  • Documents are shared instantly with your whole team
  • There’s no more searching around for the right paperwork
  • There’s no re-entry of data
  • Techs don’t have to spend 30 minutes doing their paperwork in the truck at the end of a job